Sunday, November 18, 2012


Mrs W has had a smart idea, which may just have legs.

We were talking about the foods that are packaged up for cats. They tend to be things like 'Chicken and Rabbit Terrine' or other weird combinations of meat and fish.

But what about the stuff that cats really want to eat?

There must surely be a market for 'Rat and Squirrel Supreme', 'Magpie and Pigeon Delight' and so on. It's just a question of sourcing the ingredients, setting up a production line and coming up with a name.

Mouse-based food might be branded 'Hickory Dickory', for instance. 'Wings of Desire' would be a strong name for any range involving sparrows, blackbirds and other avians.

Fresh from the garden. All the nutrients your cat needs, without the mess.

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  1. They're doing a good line in mutant rat in Henley, you know. Dessert Rat and Hooray Hen-Rat. Got a special for kids, too: Teen-rat Mutant Ginger Turtle.