Friday, March 16, 2012

Dating was so much easier in my day

When I first courted Mrs W, the Internet was a strange thing that techie-type people connected to via a 28k modem. We met the old-fashioned kind of way and although we didn't know much about each other at first, we uncovered it gradually through romantic walks and candlelit dinners.

If I'm to believe the current campaign on the London tube, serious research is now required before an initial date. Jon in Wimbledon listens to the favourite record of his potential future partner before he's even clapped eyes on her. That way, he'll understand why she likes the album so much.

What a smooth b*****d Jon is. He plans small talk about the girl's favourite band, probably giving the impression that he too is a fan. How dreamy, she thinks. I've met a guy who's perfectly matched to me. He even likes the same tunes!

Someone should tell this lady that Jon is just playing a game. And while they're at it, they should mention that he listened to the band on vinyl. So he's either a complete geek who thinks that digital music doesn't give an authentic sound or he's aged about 70.

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  1. I hate those posters! They could not give a less realistic picture of internet dating if they tried. No one gets that excited about a first date with someone they met on the internet. They're more worried about whether the person looks anything like their photos in real life!