Saturday, July 02, 2011

Paws for thought

News that scientists are running ad campaigns for monkeys will come as no surprise to those who believe the advertising profession preys on people’s more primal instincts. The bizarre experiment does, however, raise some exciting possibilities. If, as boffins believe, apes can be influenced by sexually provocative billboards to prefer one brand of jello over another, couldn’t the idea be extended further? Fast forward a few years and perhaps dog food will be advertised to the ultimate four-legged consumer rather than his two-legged owner. At this point, we’ll need to check the brand messages and creative approaches with representative targets before the campaign goes live.

“I’ve found two Cocker Spaniels and an Alsatian for the focus group, but we can’t fill our quota of Labradors. They just don’t seem to respond to the usual incentive of Hollings Pigs Ear Strips.”

“Bring back those golden retrievers we used last week. The client won’t know the difference.”


  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Was it you that posted about the radio ad for dog food that featured whistling? It was inaudible to humans but sent dogs wild whenever the ad came on air It's Aliche by the way.

  2. Liche, there's no point in posting as 'anonymous' if you then tell me who you are. Yes, I did write about the dog whistling radio at at one point - possibly on my advertising blog. Can't quite remember. Or maybe I posted it on FB.