Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If only zay could talk...

I've always held that truth is stranger than fiction and spend rather too much time on social networks posting links to stories which demonstrate the point. The news, however, that the Nazis planned to train dogs to speak takes us to a brand new level of wtf.

The so-called 'Woofen SS' has been uncovered by a British academic, trawling through archive journals in Germany. Essentially, a contingent of fascist Fidos was trained to imitate human speech - a little like the mutt on That's Life in the 1970s who was able to say 'sausages'. According to reports, the specially-trained canines were taught to tap out messages with their paws and converse about poetry and political matters.

I'm not sure we needed any more evidence about just how barking mad the Nazis were, but this is definitely one to file away for future reference.

Are you a talking hound with something to say about this story? If so, please use the comments button below.

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