Friday, November 06, 2009

That warm feeling from Windows

I detest the current ad campaign for Windows 7. Posters on the tube show smug, self-satisfied and entirely unbelievable members of the general public explaining how the new software was their invention. They had a word with Microsoft and the computing giant listened.

One piece of copy reads:

I said 'you should improve security'. They improved security. Being the boss is great.

Alongside is a picture of a man in a state of blissful reverie. He looks as if his daughter has just graduated from college on the same day Arsenal signed his teenage son on a two-year contract. PC man stares wistfully into the distance, a contented smile on his face. His computer is more secure now than it was previously. And life has never felt better.

You'd just love him to wake up from his dream and discover he was still running Vista.

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