Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spam update

I'd be the first to admit that Washed and Ready to Eat has been a tad neglected of late. This is mainly due to my birthday madness (see www.p40b.com), but I shouldn't allow myself any excuses. It's time to update loyal readers on the latest spam filling the inbox at Woodford Towers.

Aleksey Ivanov has written to me twice this month to warn me about a major German car manufacturer. I won't mention its name, as I suspect the author's observations might be construed as defamatory, but the essence of the message is "Achtung!" A Russian mate of Aleksey's (who was transporting his mother and her wheelchair around) discovered something wrong with the brakes on a particular model of motor and Aleksey now sees it as his moral duty to warn the world. He is contacting the manufacturer, "mass media agencies" and auto-dealers around the world. Oh, and me as well.

"...Recently thanks to GOD," my Russian correspondent writes, "they did not participate in the car-crash on the federal road due to the not-reveal disrepair of the brake and the BAS/ESP system."

Thanks to GOD, indeed, Aleksey. And through your helpful spam campaign, I'm sure that others will saved from reliance on divine intervention in the future.

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