Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nice work if you can get it

Thanks go to Mrs W for this one. She happened to spy a van in the street that was offering a particularly eclectic range of services. As well as basement waterproofing, the business was promising to handle bird control, radon testing and air-quality management. We can only hope they're never asked to supply all these services at one location.

I've tracked down the company's website and you can just about make out the detail on the vehicle: www.protenservices.co.uk

They are preserving the past and protecting the future, according to their slogan. That's pretty good going when you're also controlling birds, testing for radon and so on. You have to hand it to them. It's multi-tasking in action.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Dear washedandreadytoeat,

    I am pleased that Mrs W spotted our van, and took an interest in it. We have 80 years experience in damp-proofing and timber treatments, and more recently have been developing other areas of our business. All services offered revolve around protecting buildings and their occupants, and are not as unrelated as may first appear. For example, we can exclusively provide a combined basement waterproofing and radon protection system (particularly important as the highest radon levels are found in basements).

    Mrs W may also have spotted that we are the proud holders of the Royal Warrant (which was awarded to us in 1976) – so you can add ‘keeping the Queen happy’ to our list of multi-tasking!

    Our new website, www.protenservices.co.uk has now been launched, and whilst the image of the van in question (or one of its 26 cousins) is no longer available, you may like to pay it a visit to read more about our company and range of services offered.

    Kindest Regards,

    Rebecca Kench
    ProTen Services Ltd.

  2. Please tell me this comment is kosher.