Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chorizo Iberico de bellota

My fermented and dry-cured Iberian sausage is not only rather tasty, but it also has a fine pedigree. These Spanish porkers are well fed. (These days, it's not enough to know what food you're eating. You need to know what food your food ate.)

"Wild plants, lush pasture and, above all, the acorns that fall from the trees provide the food they need to ensure their meat reaches Penalbo's high quality standards."

Above all, the acorns.

Note that the acorns weren't industrially collected. No. They fell naturally from the trees. One at a time, presumably. And some pig stood underneath with an open snout.

A more idyllic picture of Dehesa in south-east Spain is certainly hard to imagine. And if I take the sausage out of the fridge half an hour before I eat it, I will "appreciate all the taste and aroma of this gastronomic delight."

Unfortunately it comes at a gastronomical price.

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