Friday, September 21, 2007

Obscure legislation

Clean away: lorry can go fast... but not that fast. Snapped on my Nokia 6300. Intelligence in a beautiful body. (Much like its owner.)
Sign on a laundry lorry spotted in south-west London: "Please be patient! Vehicle limited to 56mph by law".
Now, I'm all in favour of minimising road rage and everything, but what obscure piece of legislation are we talking about here?
The Laundry Lorry and Related Vehicles Act of 1965?
Section XI (4): No lorry or similar vehicle used to transport or carry laundry, clean linen or related items shall travel at a speed exceeding 56mph.
And what's with the precision? 55 is sensible, whereas 57 is just plain reckless and likely to jeopardise the cleanliness of the contents?

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