Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Swine conference

My old mate Russ has identified an interesting event that took place in January 2000 in Virginia, USA. Click here for the agenda of the 33rd Annual Virginia Pork Industry Conference.

It sounds as if it was a corker - or should that be a porker? - of a meeting. Mark Estienne, a notable Swine Physiologist gave a presentation entitled Developments to Enhance Boar Performance and Fertility, while Allen Harper, an Extension Swine Specialist, treated delegates to a discussion of Non-Traditional Methods of Finishing Pigs in Confinement. I've always been a traditionalist on the issue of finishing pigs in confinement, so I definitely would have been interested to hear of Allen's innovations.

Sadly, registration closed about six and a half years ago.

Russ says he found this while searching for a conference that I was speaking at in Wales. I haven't yet asked him what search terms he was using and why.

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