Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's celebrate! The Trondheim Carrots torch procession is coming!

I had a flash of inspiration this morning.

Working with marketers in the UK, I've encountered quite a few frustrations from people who feel they are unable to talk about a certain sporting event which is planned this summer. Due to legal restrictions, designed to protect the official sponsors, no one is allowed to mention the name of said event. Or the year in which it is taking place. Or the main host city, which lies somewhere on an axis between Bristol and Leipzig (but a bit nearer to Bristol).

Ok, so my flash of inspiration is this. What if we developed codewords to describe the things that are unmentionable? No one could be prosecuted, but everyone would know what they really meant.

The name of the event is The Carrots. The year is 3000. The city is Trondheim.

Now, marketers have previously unimagined freedom.

We can launch a new red, white and blue cereal which openly proclaims that it's celebrating Trondheim 3000. It's time to get crunching with a patriotic fervour every morning over breakfast, because the Carrots are just around the corner!

They won't have time to pass new legislation. This surely has to be a winner.

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