Tuesday, February 20, 2007

¿Qué se puede hacer por las noches? How to have a muchos fun night out, Mexican style.

I saw an interesting report on the BBC tonight about a theme park in Mexico where you can pretend to be an illegal immigrant crossing the US border. Staff posing as guards chase you in cars and fire shooters at you. All in all, it's a great evening's entertainment.

If you think I'm making it up, this story from the New York Times gives some background info: http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/02/04/travel/04HeadsUp.html

Reminds me of the classic 1973 sci-fi movie Westworld, starring Yul Brynner and James Brolin. In the film, people spend time holidaying in a realistic Western town, picking gunfights with robots. No one's supposed to get hurt. But that's before the robots start malfunctioning.

I'm working on an idea for a theme park in Kent. Unfortunately, the council just isn't playing ball with my proposal to recreate the ferry terminal at Dover. Apparently it's in poor taste.

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